Warum die Anarchokapitalisten-Kommune "Galt's Gulch Chile ...

Galt's Gulch Chile fall celebration - POV tour montage Jeff Berwick on Bloomberg TV: Galt's Gulch Chile and Bitcoin Jeff Berwick on the Ernest Hancock Show talking Galt's Gulch, Anarchapulco and Wife Swapping I got a bitcoin loan with BTCJam Jeff Berwick on Max Keiser Talking Bitcoin, Galt's Gulch, Mexico and Escape from Amerika

Galt's Gulch Chile was a libertarian paradise in the making completely obvious catastrophe conceived by John Cobin, Germán Eyzaguirre, Jeff Berwick, and Ken Johnson. Galt's Gulch Chile was advertised as being 11,000 acres of land located in picturesque valleys full of fresh air in a low-tax country. chiefcrash shares a report from The New York Times about a man who wants to build a community based on the blockchain technology introduced by Bitcoin: An enormous plot of land in the Nevada desert -- bigger than nearby Reno -- has been the subject of local intrigue since a company with no history, Blockchains L.L.C., bought it for $170 million in cash this year. Bitcoin-Trading 'Seasteader' Now on the Run For His Life ... Such a community was promoted a few years back as "Galt's Gulch Chile". Chile isn't a libertarian country, but it is one of the best countries for a middle class person to try to become rich, rating quite high on most rankings by libertarian economics. ... Galt's Gulch Chile is (was) meant to be a modern and real-world replica of Ayn Rand's objectivist hide-out in Atlas Shrugged. Wealthy investors (or at least folks with a lot of bitcoin) envisioned a protected libertarian community where they could ride out the impending social and financial downfall of American society.Unfortunately for those taken in by the project, it appears now that the ... Ein Kommentar von Alexander Benesch. Es sollte das Vorzeigeprojekt der Anarchokapitalisten werden, eine Art Proof of Concept, das zu ähnlichen Gründungen weltweit führen würde: “Galt’s Gulch Chile”, eine 11.000 acres große Kommune, in der betuchte Libertäre Grundstücke kauften und zusätzlich Geld investierten in der Hoffnung auf Rendite.

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Galt's Gulch Chile fall celebration - POV tour montage

Jeff Berwick is interviewed on Bloomberg TV about Galt's Gulch Chile and Bitcoin. Many businesses such as Subway and Shopify are accepting bitcoin and Jeff is very optimistic about it's future. Jeff is interviewed by Ernest Hancock, topics include: Galts Gulch Chile project, conflict resolution, Mexico, New Zealand, searching for freedom, Anarchapulco, change through ideology, growing ... Investing and getting loans in bitcoin with BTCJam. I got my bitcoin loan funded so I could buy property at Galt's Gulch Chile. Loading... He would provide me every bit of information he has on his Galt’s Gulch Chile and passport scams. I, in consideration, would gather information from other sources and write a long-form ... Jeff discusses Galt's Gulch Chile and how the same events in Atlas Shrugged are occurring today in the Western world. Jeff also discusses Gary North and the Austrian economics rift in bitcoin.